Kratom Plants

Understanding The Kratom Plant

The kratom plant is actually a tree belonging to the Rubiaceae family and is found natively in parts of Southeast Asia ranging from Malaysia to Thailand. The resin from the leaves of the tree had been popular in parts of Asia for generations thanks to its powerful medicinal properties. Natives of the area often simply chew on the freshly picked leaves of the tree in order to get the effects that kratom is so renowned for. There has been increased interest in other parts of the world in growing the plant locally in order to harvest the leaves for medicinal purposes.

The leaves of the kratom plant are lauded because they can be put to a number of different uses in the treatment and management of common ailments and addictions. Individuals that are suffering from a drug addiction, especially from opium, have stated that the use of kratom decreases their desire for illicit drugs and helps quell the psychological and physical effects of withdrawal. This alone is a powerful testament to the abilities of this amazing Asian plant. The plant is also known for providing users with pleasurable, yet stimulating effects. Raising the dose changes the effects from stimulating to relaxing.

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